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Accidents and illnesses happen every day. Some people need only a helping hand while others may suffer serious permanent injuries without help. By mastering Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid) course skills you can render important care to those in need. You’ll also know that you’re learning state of the art skills, based on the consensus view of the Basic Life Support (BLS) Working Group of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). In addition, the program is based on established instructional design and educational protocols to render an educationally valid and credible product. Emergency First Response courses also meet CPR requirements for participants seeking certification through the American Council on Exercise. Emergency First Response is also flexible – you can learn background knowledge on your own time then conduct a practical, hands-on training sessions with a qualified Emergency First Response instructor. BVI Scuba Co. has three Emergency First Response Instructors on staff full time.

RESCUE DIVER 3 day course

Rewarding and fun – that best describes the PADI Rescue Diver course. This course will expand your knowledge and experience level: Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this action packed adventure course is serious, it is an enjoyable way to build your confidence. Every student comes out of this program on a higher level of awareness and preparedness in all aspects of scuba diving. The Rescue Diver course expands your diving and emergency response skills to make diving safer and more enjoyable for yourself as well as others. This is considered by many students to be the most fun and challenging experience they've had as a diver.

What will I do?
Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. During the five open water sessions, you'll cover:

• Self-rescue and diver stress
• AED and emergency oxygen delivery systems
• dive first aid
• swimming and non-swimming rescue techniques
• emergency management and equipment
• panicked diver response
• underwater problems
• missing diver procedures
• surfacing the unconscious diver
• in-water rescue breathing protocols
• egress (exits)
• first aid procedures for pressure related accidents
• dive accident scenarios

During the open water training exercises, you'll apply the knowledge you've learned in many different scenarios as you thoroughly develop new rescue skills. You will learn that the best rescue is the one that never happened! Your ability to recognise and prevent emergencies and to control potentially nerve racking situations that could lead to them will be honed to a new level of preparedness. This is a very rewarding and exciting class that every diver should take - if not for yourself, then for your buddy.

Course Standards:
Prerequiste Certifications: PADI Advanced Open Water and CPR/First-Aid Certification
Minimum age: 15 (or 12 years for Junior Certification level

Confined Water Rescue Skills may be done at home with your local Dive Center

Perfect your Open Water Rescue Exercises here with us in our tropical-training paradise!